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Identify.  Nurture.

The Gifted India Network seeks to provide resources for parents and educators on the topics of gifted education, talent development, and enrichment programs for youth.

The Gifted India Network seeks to be the premier resource for parents and educators in India and the Middle East who are working to identify students’ talents and support gifted children with the best possible enrichment and accelerated learning opportunities for developing their potential.

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Gifted India Network

The founding members of Gifted India Network are world-class institutions in their respective domains - Center for Talent Development (Northwestern University), Educational Initiatives, GenWise, and the Agastya International Foundation.

Our founders believe that a gifted child needs to be identified, nurtured, mentored, and presented with year on year opportunities to harness the extraordinary gifts they possess.

All founding members are recognised experts in the area of gifted identification and talent development.

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Identify. Nurture.

Gifted India Network, through its Founding Members, provides opportunities for identifying students' talents, as well as supporting gifted children through enrichment and accelerated learning programs.

If you are a Parent or an Educator, please go through the options below to enroll your children/ students in the Assessments/ Enrollments below. You can also reach out to us here, if you have questions or would like to speak to someone.


Abilities. Strengths. Path.

Good assessments can provide insights about or a "snapshot" of academic achievement, instructional readiness, and various types of abilities related to school learning and cognitive development. Understanding a student’s academic potential and current level of achievement are important to the talent development process.
(From Center for Talent Development, Northwestern University)



Enrichment. Acceleration.

Based on assessment outcomes, from a talent development perspective, we proceed towards identifying strengths and determining the need for enrichment, acceleration, or supplemental programming.
(adapted from the Center for Talent Development, Northwestern University)


Gifted India Network

CTD’s (Northwestern University) Talent Development approach to gifted education is the charter for all collaborators in the Gifted India Network, and promotes these core ideas:

  • Talents and passions need to be identified and nurtured

  • Talents can be developed through learning and practice

  • Talent development requires more than content knowledge; it takes supporting the student holistically to develop critical psycho-social skills

"Giftedness" is not a state of being; it’s a process - a journey - that involves developing potential into achievement in an area of interest and passion.

Schools have a crucial role to play in realizing the above charter.

In addition to the schools who have already signed up (logos listed alongside), several schools have expressed a keen interest in becoming part of the Gifted India Network.

If your school is interested in becoming a School Charter Member, please click here.



  • Attend expert talks from Gifted India Network and spread the word about these talks with parents. Upcoming sessions listed here.

  • Create a plan for identifying gifted students and providing them additional resources (this could be a very basic plan to start with).

  • Share initiatives taken in the past for academically gifted students. These could be put up on your school's website and cross-linked to/ from the Gifted India Network website.

  • Have periodic interactions with members of the Gifted India Network - both offline and online - typically 2-4 times in a year - to share issues/ learnings with each other.

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“It behooves parents to view their child as having the potential for future achievement, but also that that in order to get there.... it's a process of developing that potential through opportunities, through their parenting, through the messages and values that they convey.”

Dr Paula Olszewski-Kubilius
Director, Center for Talent Development, Northwestern University


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