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Enrichment. Acceleration.

Learning is an adventure. Realizing one's full potential is a journey.
(from the CTD, Northwestern University)

Below, dive into the ocean of programs and pathways on offer for your students/ children, from the Founding Members of the Gifted India Network!

(Click on Founding Member Logos below)


CTD offers a wide variety of enrichment and accelerated, credit-bearing academic programs for children from age 3 to grade 12. Residential summer programs are held on Northwestern University’s Evanston, Illinois, US campus. Online courses are offered throughout the academic year and summer and include both flexibly paced asynchronous and live, synchronous options. Online course lengths vary by program from a single, one-day enrichment experience up to 34-weeks for a 2-credit honors or Advanced Placement course. Courses are available in a variety of subject areas, including STEM, English and language arts, arts and humanities, and leadership.


GenWise offers a diverse spread of engaging and contemporary courses for students from ages 10 through 17. Residential summer programs are usually held in Bengaluru, India. Pioneered synchronous online courses in India. Stands out for the quality of it's mentors, and programming of the Residential Programs.

Register here for the 3-week Residential Program during May 2024.

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