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Past Events

  • The Journey from Aptitude to Achievement
    Fri, 28 Oct
    Dr. Itishree Mishra, an Applied Psychologist, in conversation with Vishnu Agnihotri about the role of aptitude, personality, interests and opportunity, in being able to perform well in a particular field or career.
  • Giftedness - Parent Perspectives
    Fri, 18 Feb
    2 parents of middle/ high school children and one young adult will share their experiences and tips that will be useful to other parents/ educators.
  • Identifying and Nurturing Giftedness in the Early Years
    Sat, 12 Feb
    Event Recording Link: For parents and teachers whose wards (in the age range 4-10) may be displaying unusual ability. Our 3 expert panelists will share common issues, tips for parents, options available for enrichment, and address participant questions.
  • Enabling Students Gifted in Math
    Thu, 11 Nov
    How do we identify Math giftedness? How do we support such students, in our roles as Educators and Parents? Come listen to a School Head, a thought leader in Education, and an instructor who supports gifted students in Math, discuss these, as well as address any questions you may have...
  • The Importance of Non-Cognitive Skills in Talent Development
    Fri, 29 Oct
    Learn about the importance of psychosocial skills in talent development, and how parents can cultivate these in their children.

(Link to these event recordings are available when you click the Details Button)

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